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Hi,I have a lot of experience with UCCX but very little UCCE and would like what should be a relatively simple question answered.Is UCCE similar to UCCX in that when an upgrade is applied the next time users log in they are prompted to download and i...

In IVR Campaign, I would want to detect if the it customer answered or Answering machine answered. I'm checking this using the BAResonse ECC variable. But it doesnt seem to work. Even the Answering Machine answered call has the BAresponse value as 'C...

Hi ,We are test the IPCC in the lab. When Ctios client login to the Agent desktop we are getting the following error message." System is offline. Login will be queued until system is back online".CTI OS , CTI Server , PIM services are active.Follwing...

gpsriramdc by Level 4
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We've got two queues and two levels of agents.  Queue 1 is answered by agent level 1 and queue 2 is answered by agent level 2.  We're looking for a way to accomidate special occasions where agent level 1 can answer queue 2 or level 2 answering queue ...

thanmad by Level 1
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Resolved! ICM Label

Hi,I am trying to setup a script in ICM that sends out a label that ends up calling a 5 digit internal extention.  When I set up the Label node in ICM I know that it gets passed back to CVP as it is my routing client but I am not sure where it goes f...