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I'm trying to find a list of supported ciphers on CVP and VVB 11.6. In the documentation, all I can find is the default cipher of TLS_RSA_WITH_AES_128_CBC_SHA. I've been asked if there are any, more secure, ciphers available. Specifically, the custom...

I have a customer on UCCX 11.0 currently and am looking at deploying a Hot Desking solution for one of their departments. Question I have is if there is an actual limit to the number of users I can configure for the same device/extension. Basically, ...

SAN J by Level 2
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One of the CCX call centers I maintain the server, scripts, and all associated crap for now has a new requirement that is going to require a self service option for callers.  So far I have only found information about Nuance and IBM Websphere Voice S...

I have a Windows 7 computer. It's on a domain. I've move it to an OU that doesn't apply any rules I've disabled Anti Virus I've tried all sorts of combinations properties from the compatibility tab (right click on file, choose properties, compatibili...

kbeaton by Level 1
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We have recently upgraded to UCCX 10.6 and now have access for CUIC.   I would like to run the "Detailed Call by Call CCDR Report" with an Advanced Filter. But this report (or a custom report created from it) does not show the Advanced Filter tab.   ...

I have a DB Read step with a simple query, Select * from dbo.computers where ext =$ANI, that just doesn't work anymore after a few years without issue.  Data Source works fine, the connection creds are correct, everything else works fine except for t...