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Hi everyone, I am prepping for a upcoming CUCM Publisher and Subscriber IP change.  I am getting conflicting information in regards to the IP addresses associated to the AXL, JTAPI, and RMCM accounts within CM Configuration of UCCX.  On one hand I ha...

tonyperla by Spotlight
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Hi, I am trying to deploy a War file in UCCX server (Document Management -> default -> webapps). I am getting the following error in UCCX Engine logs. Appreciate your help in resolving this issue. INFO: validateJarFile(/opt/cisco/uccx/tomcat_engin...

gokila_ss by Level 1
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I have a Nuance server integrated with my CCX and i am trying to get the AA Script to work with my Speech Recognition. Whenever i call the script, it doesn't seem to recognize that the ASR is available to it takes the False path and gives me only the...

When running a Contact Service Queue Activity report most of the columns that are supposed to be averages are showing up as the sum of the numbers in the totals row instead of the average. Avg speed of answer and Avg handle time are 2 examples of thi...

Hello, I'm working on a project which involves displaying call data and agent status.  I'm able to pull everything I need from the Informix db_cra database, except for calls waiting in queue.  Our network/phone administrator will not allow us to turn...

okcool111 by Level 1
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Hi all, I have an issue on our PROD environment(UCCX in HA 10.5(1), CUCM HA 10.5(1)). Appadmin on UCCX primary node is in connection timeout,also is not possible to enter in Cisco Editor and RTMT. I can access on CLI on the first node. I can access ...