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Hi Folks,I have a customer who wants to integrate EIM solution with Siebel CRM solution and their basic requirement is to record all the chat, email conversation and other activities including the articles shoud save in Siebel CRM and Agent must be b...

Hi.Another question please:The customer has UCCX 4.5 without any updates.OS 2000 also not updated at all since installation.What will happen if i'll install update to UCCX,let say SR1 or SR2?Will be all settings and Apps deleted or everything will be...

D_Lebedev by Level 3
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Dears,I've got UCCX 5 with few agents on 7942 and 7960. When call comes through CSQ agents on 7942 see original callerid, but agent on 7960 sees CTI number instead PSTN number.What could be the issue?Thanks.

Hi All,   I'm trying to take the manual back of UCCX by logging in to UCCX server remotely using the RDP but not getting the back up now option .Highly appreciate if someone can help on this...UCCX Version:7.0(1)SR05ThanksSan

Hello,We will be installing an ICM Entreprise 8.5.2 on Windows2008 R2 which is a 64bit OS. Is it supported to install the 64bit version of SQL 2005 + SP4 or should we stick with the regular 32bit version of SQL 2005 SP4?Regards,

hambleton by Level 1
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