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Is there a way to play the variable back to the caller with what the estimated wait time is? right now I have it setup to get the estimated wait time and then an if statement that says "if estimated wait time is <1200" true - play prompt "estimated w...

shawneec1 by Beginner
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I will be performing an ICM upgrade from 7.2 to 7.5.  When reading the common ground upgrade process on the AW/HDS/Webview it only states to use the EDMT on the HDS database.  It doesn't mention anything about using the EDMT on the AW or Webview data...

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Wes Sisk by Cisco Employee
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Hello,I'm trying to take a date that a caller inputs via a get digit string step in mmddyyyy format and put in into mm/dd/yyyy.   How do I do this?   I've tried reading this into a date variable but it didn't like that without the "/" in there.   Is ...

I've created some new Campaigns in the UCCE Outbound Option.  Everything seems to be working correctly, except the dialer is not labeling the calls with a BAResponse variable.  For example, if the dialer detects a live voice, it should set the BAResp...