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Hi Team,We have developed custom Cisco finesse agent desktop using rest API and using BOSH (XAMPP) to make connection with Finesse server. Everything is working fine but when logged in agent is in idle for couple of minutes BOSH connection gets close...

pravin1 by Level 1
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Is there a way to clear the ids used for a particular object set?  For instance, if you delete the phone books and then recreate the phone books via api or finesse admin, new ids are created for the object.  

I have a gadget to make outbound calls in finesse and it is working as required but i am having challenges in returning agent to the previous state. Is there a way to get the status or track the agent status before making the call. I can return them ...

sthan89 by Level 1
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Good Day,Im playing around a little with the sample python code created by dekwan ( )using REST APIs and python to see/change agent states, with the end game of chec...

Hi there, Is there any example code on how to use smack to connect to a fitness server listening for events? I found this question in the past that sort of address this:

Hi all, I am going building PCCE 11.6 for learning. My lab has 1 Rogger, 1 AWDB, 1 PG (ICM 11.6.2), 1 CUCM, 1 CVP-OAMP (same server), 1 Finesse, 1 CUIC, 1 VVB. I deploy as Lab Mode with Simplex inventory and stuck at 19/21 step (system inventory crea...

VTB by Level 1
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