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Hello everone!We are using cisco MIC certificates for TLS between ip phones and Cisco Call Manager.I was trying to find out the expiration date of these certificates, was unable to find any information.How can I locate this information in Call Manage...

I am trying to configure an ISDN BRI interface in my CME router which is in Mozambique. I do not know what is the ISDN switch type the local provider is using so trying different switch types. However, I am not able to get the connection up and runni...

Hi all,I was asked to modify the maximun trigger busy calls parameter for all extensions on the Call Manager (CUCM 8.6), to play a "busy tone" when a user is on a Call.but now, my company needs to do this:If the current person who is called is busy, ...

Hi,I´m trying to configure a voip direct call between my 2901 router with two FXS ports and a Linksys PAP2T ATA.My router config is:dial-peer voice 1 pots destination-pattern 36000[1-2] port 0/2/0!dial-peer voice 2 pots destination-pattern 36000[1-2]...

digodox00 by Level 1
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I am running CUCM 7.1.3a on a 2 node system (1 publisher and 1 subscriber). I need to move the publisher and the subscriber to different IP addreses.What is the easiest way to do this? I think I know how to physically change the IP on the publisher a...

davistw by Level 1
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