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How do I configure UCCE 12.0 to use a certain payload for CTI?I've created a payload named CTI_Payload and added members (ECC variables).Now how do I tell the system to use it?

I am looking for the procedure to upgrade a UCCX-Enhanced HA cluster to UCCX-Premium HA.  I know the SKU's to order the upgrades.  Is there an upgrade procedure or is it a fresh install with DRS restore?  I will likely do a fresh install with restore...

HI EveryoneCan you tell me if UCCX and CUIC are supported in Chrome, the reason that I ask is becuase my manager wants to run reports in Chrome and CUIC just spins. But if he uses IE the reports run just fine, he told me the has no problem using IE b...

Looking for a solution to handle roaming mobile UCCX agents in UCCX 10.6-11x. I'm not seeking a fixed, SOHO solution. The agents will be roaming with mobile phones only, no PC. I have a working app to call mobile numbers but it has some shortcomings ...