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Hi, we have a requirement to upgrade a customer from 11.6 4k to 12.6 with a deployment model change to 12K, is this deployment model supported? hope we can migrate the data from 11.6 to 12.6 using edmt and then change the deployment type   Regards se...

I have an issue. Users complain about calls disconnected. Looking at CUIC's reports we see many aborted calls and this error: er failures; nested exception is: Too many transfer failures Debugging our script, eve...

Hello All,I have read online guides on post-call survey and a lot of them look complex due due to their use of custom CVP apps and my low knowledge of CVP custom apps.  Guys,  is it possible to have a post call survey without writting a custom CVP ap...

Sarg . by Level 3
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Will WebEx CC desktop able to display real time queue stat such as how long each customer has been waiting in the queue.

nliu by Level 1
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UCCX 12.5.1One agent in logged in. I place call to the trigger number.- Caller hears queue announcement then hold music.- Agent phone rings, state changed to reserved. Green answer button pops up in Finesse.- Agent clicks on answer popup. Nothing hap...

NewRobert by Level 1
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UCCX 10.6.1 with HA server We are able to access Finesse Desktop and cfadmin on the primary but the secondary just times out. We are in the process of migrating Teams from CAD and we created a load balancer to direct to the secondary server if the pr...

dannoofWI by Level 1
  • 8 replies
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Hello Cisco Lovers ! I've two questions regarding CVP VXMLconsider we have a UCCE 12.5 solution with CVP 12.5  1- If there is a 30 self-service licensed ports, Is there is any way to prevent CVP to exceed these license and not enter out-of-compliance...