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Resolved! UCCX HA server install

HI allI wanted to know what would be the steps involved in installing a HA server for UCCX? We had a consultant come out to do our upgrades of our other UC products and the server was delayed and the consultant was moved to another project last week....

scooter817 by Explorer
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Service levels in UCCX- include IVR time?

I`ve been asked a question regarding Service Levels. Within UCCX the levels are set so if the service level is 10 and the % is set to 25% then we expect 25% of  calls to be answered within 10secs however if you have IVR, option 1, press 2 etc should ...

iptuser55 by Frequent Contributor
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UCCX 7.0(2) ES3

Can someone point me to a readme document for this engineering special. I'm looking to see if this is a mandatory ES that I need to apply to 7.0(2) or if it fixes only certain issues.

dferrie by Beginner
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Resolved! CCX Engine Shutdown - UCCX 802 on VMWare

All,Installing UCCX 802SU3 on VMWare. CUCM version is 8.5.1SU3. Checked compatibility matrix and these two are compatible.I am using VMWare Server 2.0 as a Host. VM Server configured:Red Hat Enterprise 4 (32 Bit)2 x CPU4 GM RAM2 x 146 GB HDSCSI Contr...

wenqianyu by Participant
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