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Resolved! UCCX8 over Wan

Hi there,Got some questions regards UCCX ver 8.x deployment.I have a customer with their Main site in one country and a remote site in another. They are connected with an MPLS link.Main site has CUCM6, UCCX7 and 14 UCCX agents.Remote site has 14 UCCX...

Hi all, Info: UCCX System version: CUCM System version: Supervisor Desktop 8.0(2) Premium Version Build Today our DC suffered a complete power outage which ended in a  unexpected power cycle of our UCCX box (and ...

Hello, all!I use CRS Historical Reports to get information about the calls, that is coming to my Call Center. But I notice, that CRS Historical Reports generated reports with different info. For example, in the "Contact Service Queue Activity Report ...

Hello,I need to implement a script with uccx editor to make multiple outbound calls to diferents phone numbers. In the outbound subsystem of uccx can introduce the phone numbers in a .txt archive and then use a csq agents, but now i need to use a pro...

antmurcia by Level 1
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Hi,I have some issues with UCCX 8. I have created a workflow that records all incoming calls to the agents. To get them, I use the sftp on a storage server. But the problem is that the recordings are not deleted from the UCCX server. So the agents ge...

Hi,Please help, we are planning to upgrade ICM 7.2(5) to 7.5, however, I am not getting the Compatibility sheet on Cisco site, whether direct upgrade is possible to 7.5, also, on which version of CVP, ICM 7.5 would be compatible.Thanks,NS.

Hi everybody ,Before time  i had a link for a place on that i was able to download almost every cisco software in trial verrsion ?Could someone share it with me .I should download Cisco Contact Center Express 8 , and to start learning it . ...

k.velinov by Level 1
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The CAD agent that are working remotely are seeing performance issues.  Hence, would it really be better to apply QOS to the CAD workers for better performance or would it just be better to give the remote workers a VMachine and have all the CAD appl...

vicspanya by Level 1
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Hi All,We have a UCCX 8.0 running with CUCM 8.0. and we got 3 pri's where 2 PRI's are used for Contact center purpose. And 1 PRI is used for domestic user's purpose. Some times customers are saying that when they call the toll free number they are ge...

We have a single UCCX which is used by different groups- Help  Desk, Travel, Support etc. Our Help Desk is a traditional Help Desk whereby agents need to use Reason Codes when being Not Ready but other groups- Travel, Support etc only use the UCCX fo...

iptuser55 by Level 6
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Hello,I'm writing a script for a small group of small call centers.  (3-5 agents to 12 agents each.)  The most important consideration is time to answer calls so when writing the script, we were looking if there were more than say 7 calls queued, the...

ecornwell by Level 2
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