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As you aware Agent_Event_Detail table of AWDB will be updating whenever Event change is occurring. When an agent going for Lunch @2PM and changing his state to Break @2:10Pm, then DB will update with Lunch Duration 600 Seconds. If an event is continu...

hi guys,   i have all new uccx and cuic 11.6 up and running. cuic is stand alone. i was able to integrate it but how do i get the report templates of uccx (the report templates usually come with cuic co-res ) to show up here on this cuic stand alone....

Hi Deepak,   When i wright this query somereason getting this error   <finesseLayout xmlns=""> <layout> <role>Agent</role> <page> <gadget>/desktop/gadgets/CallControl.jsp</gadget> </page> <tabs> <tab> <id>home</id> <la...