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XML for Supervisors.

Hi There !I have just migrated from CCX 7.x (Windows) to CCX 8.5 (Linux).Supervisors used to have access to a Windows folder where they could edit their XML files without my help as they need during the day. Now that CCX is on Linux I need to know wh...

Resolved! UCCX 8.5 Data lag with ContactCallDetail

Hi there, We are experiencing some strange issues with the ContactCallDetail table. It does not seem to update in real time, seems to update in batches, and 2 hours later. So you will get an update to the table say every 15/30 seconds, with a bunch o...

UCCX 8.5 Voip Monitor

Hi,We recently deployed UCCX 8.5 on VMware and have successfully been using dekstop based CAD recording.We now have a requirement to monitor calls from agents using CAD browser edition so we need to configure SPAN monitoring, As far as I'm aware, SPA...

Queuing to skill group in a certain order

I have skill group MasterCard_L1MasterCard_L2I also have a skill group Visa_L1 and Visa_L2Now when a call comes to the skil group for MasterCard it goes to the Queue to skill group Node in the orderMasterCard_L1MasterCard_L2Now I have another set of ...

akumarmul by Beginner
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AnswerWaitTime Breakup

                   can I say that AnswerWAitTime in SGHH is equal to the DelayTime, RingTime, NetQTime, LocalQTime from termination_call_Detail. I tried to do the comparison but this does not match. Can anyone clarify, i will be more grateful.