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UCCX JDBC SQL connection failing

My customer has to change the SQL DB port number from the default 1433 to something else. So I changed it in my jdbc url. I do not know if this is supported or not but I have yet to get a jdbc connection. This is a new install. here is the jdbc urljd...

span port recording

Hi All, A real idiot question but we have to use span port recording as we are using citrix (unless anyone knows different) but I just can't get my head around the span part at the UCCX end. Span on all the access switches is fine but the server is o...

UCCX 8.5 Premium in a VMWare VDI environment

HiCustomer would like to deploy UCCX 8.5 Premium  in a VMWare VDI environment.In this environment the virtual PCs run applications as VMWare ThinApps.This means we cut a standard software image and stream it on demand to the PC.Therefore it will be n...

gsidhu by Participant
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Implementation of CISCO IVR – with 2nd Level of SMS Authentication and Backend SQL Server Integration

Hi All,All i need is to write a script in UCCX premium with below requirement.We do offer services to our customers through the IVR, the aim is to ask the Customer to register with our company, and then will be allowed to use the services from us. We...

raulkajen by Beginner
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Resolved! UCCX 7.0 CAD integrated browser issue

Dear Networkers,We have UCCX 7.0 installed.When openeing the CAD Desktop Workfow Admin > select the default workflow> CAD Agent > User InterfaceWe can't find the "Browser Setup" tab so that we can enable the integrated browser !For CAD-BE we could fi...


how can i fix my nat? i have tried DAYS on how to fix this any help? ---Posted by WebUser Alex Damian from Cisco Support Community App

fb_webuser by Frequent Contributor
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UCCX Customer Contact

I have been asked if we can do this, so I am asking the pro'sI want customers to call UCCX, then type in there CASE Number or Employee number. Question is can I run this against an XML file and then send them to the appropriate phone number or QUEUE?...

Neal haas by Participant
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CAD Agent Email stuck in loading

Hello,We have configured Global Settings for Agent Email functionality, created an email CSQ, associated a Skill with it and assigned that skill to an agent.When testing Agent Email from a Windows XP box with IE 8 and JRE 1.6.20, everything works lik...

cmbpaulo1 by Beginner
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Resolved! Concurrent agents logged in

Hi,Please, help me find information about concurrent agents logged in. Where can I find how many concurrent agents logged in for specific period of time? What report or tools i can use for this? ThanksAndrey