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I am checking into the TTS option with UCCX 8.5, and am wondering how much is Nuance Vocalizer cost? I try to look up information on Cisco website and do not have any luck, and also on how to order this product. If there is anyone that has deployed t...

I am in the process of responding to an RFP and the customer has asked the following questions regarding Web Interaction Manager:1) Please describe / elaborate the customer experience if the chat is inadvertently disconnected.      Answer: There is a...

Quick question, I thought that I read somewhere that if we have Premium Licenses it does not matter how many calls are in the queue. basically I will not be held to 1 for 1 on Licenses, like on all of the other flavors of licenses.Am I correct or was...

Neal haas by Level 3
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I am having considerable range problems with the EA4500. My old routed served my whole house. 3 laptops, 3roku, 3phones and ps3. Of course not all are running at the same time. With the EA4500 the range drops outside the office door and will not run ...

Has anyone tried using the database estimator tool lately? I can't get it to work now but have used it before. Any ideas?

rhobab by Level 1
  • 18 replies
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Hi all,I have a question about the performance of the UCCX 7.0(1) SR05_Buil504.(Package: Cisco Unified CCX Premium) How many calls can this version handle? (calls per hour or day)How many agents can work with the agent desktop? (at the same time)Are ...

vita_user by Level 1
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We are running UCCE 8.5(3) and need help with an SQL query. When I run the below I would also like to see skill group information(name preferably)? Any help would be greatly appreciated!select * from dbo.t_Termination_Call_Detail where DateTime betwe...

We have a HelpDesk Application/Script that is having periodic issues dropping calls.  Callers will get queued up and after a few minutes the will hear the default script "We are currently having system issues....."  and the call will just drop.  I'm ...