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Call Disconnects

Hi,I'm having issues with a number that comes from the PSTN via PRI and then on to UCCX.  If I call it ten times, five out of those calls just disconnect...no ring, on UCCX recording.  When the calls disconnect I see the below q931 errors.  I've got ...

Unregistered Phones

UCM 7.1.20000-2I just recently started to have several phones go unregistered.  I phones are on seperate switches.  I can unplug POE phones and reconnect them and they register just fine.  What is the best way to troubleshoot or isolate the problem. ...

CUPS 7.x

Hi,I have got a PAK for a CUPS server (1server 540 users)On registration web site I'm asked for the server mac address.Which server address ? CUPS server needs a license for software but CUCM needs the users licenses ?Thanks for helpGuy

Configuration assistance H.323

Sorry for the details below, this is all very new to me.I have a remote site that has a 2811 router with a four port FXO card in it. This router had a channelized t1 back to the telco (verizon) and a point to point t1 back to one of our campuses. We ...

campbech1 by Beginner
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Resolved! Cannot complete Conference Cisco CME

Hello I'm getting the error "cannot complete conference" on my Cisco phones. This started after I configured the Meet-Me feature in my CME. I thought I was out of resources so I added a new PVDM2-16 only for Meet-me. I know the problem is a configura...

jbaraona by Beginner
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Resolved! Cisco UC540 or 560?

Hello to all of you!We have a request from a customer that wishes to buy a Cisco UC540 or 560 with 8 IP Phones.The problem is that they wish to give access to TimeCard View to all of their 40 employees that work in shifts 24hours a day.The question i...