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In UCCX 10.6 I can't find a way to get list of all the agents and the skills assigned along with the skill level. I have over 300 agents that can have anywhere from 3 to 15 skills and within those skills the levels can be different depending on the e...

lleweyiss by Enthusiast
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Resolved! UCCX backup failed

Hello,  We have 2 UCCX (publlisher, subscriber). The backup ends at 53 % witch an error message : "Warning : unable to contact server. Master or Local Agent could be down, Backup completed unsuccessfully... "  Does someone face the same issue ?  Than...

Is UCCX licensing similar to CUCM I'm that if you get a premium license but only need enchanced you're able to take from the tier above? Just upgraded a 12.5 cluster to SU1 and after the upgrade I'm seeing a license error as a warm standby premium se...

mumbles202 by Enthusiast
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Hello All, I have been trying to get the callback feature working for one of our customers in their UCCX setup. Unfortunately, it fails. I have tried lot of iteration to keep the script simple and have also done lot of trail and error but nothing see...

Hi All,We are working in a IVR Script and we must connect with a MS SQL Server 2017 for write the output of a new voice survey. For that we need create the DB connection in the UCCX.The first point is upload the JDBC driver to the UCCX 12.5.1 before ...

Hi All, We are trying to implement Post Call Survey in PCCE 12.5 environment. We are not able to receive the call variable in Post Call Survey ICM script. We are updating an empty call variable with Agent ID in Finesse custom gadget. We are able to s...

I am working on a tool that utilizes the CCMP Resource Management Web Services API to add/remove Agents from Skill Groups and have hit a brick wall when it comes to removing Agents from an existing Skill Group. The documentation is a bit confusing on...

New to Call Center so forgive me. I've seen the db schema but is there a related data model? Or does everyone create this from scratch? I know there will be differences between orgs but I thought it'd be a good baseline to start from if there was one...

allivant by Beginner
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