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I'm fairly certain that the best way for me to get the reporting data I want is with a client such as Squirrel to directly query Informix. I also want to use the uccxHRuser account in order to have access to configuration tables. I've looked extensiv...

Hi I'm looking for information regarding dial order. How does dialer/campaign manager determine which campaign is dialed 1st? Let's say I have 300 dialing lists and I import a contact to 50th DL. How does the dialer go about finding the contact on th...

Hello, please help me, I have the following problem, we have the finesse platform for answering calls in a call center, a remote destination was configured to divert calls to the agents' cell phones, this works correctly, that is, a client calls, tra...

Greetings, Have been doing some testing with cloud NLP/NLU providers. Currently, I'm working with UniMRCP and DialogFlow. First, even I attempt to do MRCP v2 to UniMRCP SDP never seems to be established and just loops there or CCX finally says there ...

I need to  do a holiday check, normally I do this via dbwalker node in a script against a Sql table. The idea the primary cell is the date and the other columns may be different countries Date.      Country.  Country.  Country  25/12/18. UK.         ...

iptuser55 by Level 6
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Hello:Please, I have 4 options on my IVR and I need to know whether it is posible or not to see the number of persons trying to connect to each queue in real time on UCCX or maybe other option? Thanks a lot

hyortiz01 by Level 1
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