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The older version of UCCX had an "Inactive Agents" tab on RmCm page. I noticed that in the most recent version of UCCX, the tab has been removed.I was looking to find out if this has been removed completely and reason behind it or if he has been move...

We have two inbound numbers/triggers, support and VIP.  I've adjusted the script so incoming calls to the VIP number have a priority of 10 set so they're always answered first when any assigned CSQ agent becomes available.  This works as expected. We...

jferraz22 by Beginner
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I have a UCCE with CCM.All my agents have CTIO and IP phones with 2 lines. the ANIS of the call is 5556210000 02/06/15 13:36:19.862  3196  CTIOSSoftphone  Thd(3288)  CCtiOsSession::OnEvent( eAgentStateEvent ), EnablementMask = 201b000002/06/15 13:36:...

LCMC by Beginner
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I have purchased an SSL certificate from a CA and uploaded it in the Social Miner. How can I make the web server use the new certificate? I have tried restarting couple services, even bounced the server. No luck; it is still using the default self-si...