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Hi All, Is there a way to limit the CVP queue size? Is it possible to drop calls  once a check is run on the current queue size and if the threshold/max  has been reached then further calls will be dropped. Can this be done with Canceling Queuing no...

If you've been working with ICM/UCCE long enough I'm sure there are some enhancements you've thought of that the scripting/config environment could greatly benefit from. I've tried to remember those ideas that I've had over the years and compile them...

I am getting the following error message.  It only happens on one computer.  I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling the agent desktop with no change in the outcome.If I click ok, the CAD will continue to open and the agent is able to function wit...

Hi all, Does anyone have a screen shot of their IMAP config within the global settings in UCCX please, I just can't get it to accept the IMAP config but we can't figure out what's wrong but all looks OK.Thanks

Hello everyone, I have a uccx 5.0.2 with IP Phone Agent, my question is: Do I login and logout from all devices that belong to RMCM? when I create in the end user agents, how many devices can I attach? I tried to insert 5 mac Controlled Devices, but ...

masdan by Level 1
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Hi, Just wondering if it is possible to have UCCX redirect a call to a different party, then after it is answered press a digit?The Example is redirecting to a suppliers number, who are also expecting a "Press 1 for..."So our users have to press 1 as...

mattiep00 by Level 1
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Hi,I Have UCCE 8.X and I'm with some problem with CAD (Cisco Agent Desktop). The user use CAD normally, but when the user do logout and after he want login again, some time show the message to user "The request Falied because a timeout limit was exce...

spazziani by Level 1
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Hi All,I have a UCCX version 8 server with standard licence. I have designed one script, which should ask the callers to press 1 for Option A, press 2 for Option B, press 3 for Option C and press 4 for Option D and then the call should routed to the ...

khanfawaz by Level 1
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Hi Members,We are using the SIP Dialer in the UCCE Environment and i get the below message in the MR PIM.My Dialer status bar showing as BADialer-R[CM-A][CTI-A][MR-X][SIP-A]07:00:18:581 PG2A-pim1 Peripheral 5004 sending OPC PIM_OK_ACK acknowledgment ...