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Hello everyone,   How can I set up a recording backup server properly ? the documentation provided by Calabrio is not that clear about that particular point, Tried to install a second server and ended up by destroying the config in the primary server...

TrickTrick by Level 3
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Hello All,I have a huge project and have ran into three issues.1. Caller ID of callers not showing in Cisco Finesse (Caller Name and other credentials)?2. Average Wait Time Calculation - I have estimated wait time working but what is the formula for ...

Hi, In UCCX 9.0 in Subsystem --> Database --> Data Source, we have added external DB and tested successfully. But in script editor when I add DB get option and click on DB Resource Name I do not find any name. When i do refresh i am getting error jav...

amohod by Level 1
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Hi, I’m having some troubles getting VXML bridge transfer to work with VVB in CVP standalone deployment, the design guide was mentioneing that VXML transfers works with the standalone model but not sure if VVB supports that or not as I’m getting the ...

Estimados buenos días, Necesitaría saber como es el lujo de llamadas desde cualquier interno que este registrado en CUCM con un interno que pertenezca a un agente en UCCX.Yo tengo actualmente CUCM 11.5 y UCCX 11.6Tengo un Route Plan Report (Pattern o...

lisandro by Level 1
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Hello Experts,How can we modify the layout of Finesse to show only agents with Ready or Not Ready status. Our Call Center is 24/7 with more than 200 agents working in 3 different shifts. The supervisors don't want to see those agents who are not in t...

Hi All, The agent received a call from customer and the call was answered by an agent. The agent initiated direct transfer from Finesse to supervisor but supervisor rejects the transfer call. now agent state changed from talking to ready but the cust...

Hi all,according to the documentation, the behavior of IE when a new call arrives should be the following:Finesse Desktop is minimized.Internet Explorer and Firefox: Finesse restores back to size and position (on top of other windows).Note    If you ...

peterputt by Level 1
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