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Hi Guys,         Can someone tell me why the attached script is not working. The generated prompt is supposed to say your estimatedwait time is X minutes. where x = the amount of time the caller is supposed to be waiting in the queue prior to being a...

Hello guys , My client is having a UCCX 9.x environment . A single user is facing an issue on his CAD . After answering the call and user hungs up CAD goes to the Not Ready State . I checked Resource Setting in uccx and found that the user is set to...

HARISH S by Beginner
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I have an agent at our network call center that states her Finesse status was not matching her activity.  For example, it showed talking when she was idle and it showed ready when she was actually not ready (the supervisor checked her status).  I’ve ...

When setting up a secondary server in a UCCX HA, do the order of the telephony/axl providers need to match as what it is on the primary server or we can have any order in the secondary server? What is the best practice in regards to the order/priorit...

zubairmoh by Beginner
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Hi All, I am running UCCX11, Apparently i have 20 CCX premium seats, and i would like to distribute this 10seats eacg to 2 different resource group/team Eg, 10 seats allocate to Sales-CallCenter, 10 seats allocate to HR-CallCenter Sales-Call Center...

J_Vansen_S by Participant
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Hello All, I just created a post call survey script for our call center. After an agent finish with the call, they click on an icon I created on CAD which blind transfer the calls to this survey. After doing first test run, when I run the reports on ...

G3261 by Enthusiast
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i have a UCCE environment i creat a VXML script use callstadio when i run this script ,after 180 sec,CVP will disconnect this call  i think this is CVP timer is 180 sec,but i can't find the timer can someone help me....

bo liu by Enthusiast
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Hello,       I have created a Call Custom Variable report that's working fine and gives me the info I need from the script.  However, my issue is it's showing me info for every call that hits the script, not just those that get to the step where my s...