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I have set this up as a Voice Contact Work Flow and for the most part it works great. When the caller chooses to be surveyed this work flow is enabled and it sends an HTTP Post to the survey vendor.Question is - contact center does not want the HTTP ...

dannoofWI by Beginner
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The only software I could find on was 7.0(1) SR1, 7.0(1)SR2 and 7.0(1)SR3. I need 7.0(1)SR4.

We have a CUCM cluster(v6.1.2) for our UCCE environment (ICM v7.2.5). I need to upgrade the CUCM to version 6.1.3 (due to the DST bug). Can someone tell me which components in UCCE that I will need to upgrade and/or modify for this CUCM upgrade? Or a...

We'd like agents to be able to hand off long duration calls to another line, to be able to free up their agent extension for incoming calls from UCCX. However, if we transfer the call to another ext on the same phone, CAD still shows them in a talkin...

Hi,I have requirement in UCCX 9.0/10.0 for recording a prompt and should be activated immediately without any more admin operation.I have worked in IPIVR 4.0,I want to confirm whether still this can be possible in UCCX 9.0 or not. I can explain in de...

Hi,We have UCCX 10 integrating with Oracle DB and the customer wants to run certain SQL statement at DB read step and add the result it directly in string variable on UCCX without using DB get step because the result of this SQL statement is not sear...

helawamry by Beginner
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Agent state is in Talking for more than 20 mins even after the call got completed, it should suppose to go Ready state as soon as the call completed. Please let me know what could be the cause for this issue. CTI Toolkit 8.xUCCE 8.0